While Wednesdays are typically our overhead strength and squat priority day (as opposed to the other days of the week where these play second or third fiddle to the competition lift variations and pulls), today got a little clever.  

The front squats aren't necessarily targeting the legs and the presses won't necessarily target the shoulders as they're written up. Holding the front rack position isometrically in between reps is a quick and dirty way to build some thoracic stamina.  All that time under tension also acts as a real character builder.  Obviously breathing is necessary, but big full gulps of air are out of the question, so quick martial arts style breaths prevent your midline from getting all gooey.

Presses from the split with your opposite jerk stance typically torch the hip flexors, as they're asked to hold position in the opposite mode (flexion vs. extension). These can be a great tool for correcting functional asymmetries in the hips that can potentially lead to hip, knee, and low back issues in more experienced lifters who spend most of their time exclusively with one foot forward.

Shout out to Mike Zoda of Liberty City Barbell for perscribing these to a buddy of ours, Oscar, from the Ma Strength Beijing weightlifting camp last summer. Oscar has a huge muscular imbalance between his two spinal erectors, and these are being incorporated in his rehab.



Week 1, Day 3 of our 8 week prep phase leading up to the Wisconsin LWC Championships:

1) Power Clean + Push Press (1+5) -- 4 sets @ 75+% of 1RM Push Press

2) Front Squat -- 1 rep Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes @ 60-65%,  *Bar remains shouldered throughout. Aim to accumulate as much time under tension as possible.

3) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats -- 2x12 each leg, lightish

4) Press from the Split, opposite jerk stance -- 3x12 @ 30-40% of jerk