Our core product is the Milwaukee Barbell Training Hall.  During one of our sessions you'll receive thorough personal instruction on technique by the coach(es) on hand while training alongside other athletes working through the day's programming.  The programming is written as a general prescription periodized weeks and often months in advance based on the competition calendar, but modifications are made daily based on the needs of each individual athlete.  We frequently have high school, collegiate, and professional athletes training alongside competitive weightlifters and fitness athletes.  Success is contagious within this model.

Typical Session:

Movement Prep – Muscle and nervous system recruitment.
Position Work – Barbell drills relevant to the day's core movement.
Core Olympic Lift – Snatch, clean & jerk, or derivative movement.
Strength Accessory –  Squat or pull variation.
Stability Accessory – Overhead, midline or other supporting work. 
De-load – Mobility and myofascial release.

What if I'm new to the Olympic lifts?

No worries! Our experienced coaches run a Weightlifting Fundamentals program that's perfect for beginners. Participants in this six-part module are exposed to all the elements in a weightlifting program at an easy to digest pace and develop a strong foundation of technique.

Fundamentals of Weightlifting meets every Sunday at 9am & 10am